Wave City has changed the face of Properties on NH 24

To buy properties in Ghaziabad has become very easy as Wave City has opened its doors. If you are...

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5 ways Wave City helps in happy commuting

The thought of coming home is arguably the most relaxing one of the day. So when the commute is i...

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Five tips to park better

Parking is an underrated skill. Getting your car out of a tight spot or into that perfect paralle...

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5 awesome ways Wave City saves and preserves water

With problems like water availability, water pressure and leakages becoming common, it’s natural ...

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5 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Active

Health is wealth- we are all familiar with this adage, but how many of us consciously work tow...

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Hi-Tech City - Smart Life, Better Living

Hi-Tech City seems to be the latest buzz word. Topping the list of many discerning home buyer...

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Smart Ways to Conserve and Preserve Water

In the previous blog we discussed the importance of conserving water and easy, but effective ...

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Conserving Electricity the Smart Way!

Saving and conserving electricity is a certain short cut to better living. In this blog we take t...

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Smart Safety measures for better living

Safety is a pivotal component to lead a wholesome, holistic life. It is one of the most impor...

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