July 2015
Conserving Electricity the Smart Way!


How differently does a smart city save and conserve electricity?

Saving and conserving electricity is a certain short cut to better living. In this blog we take this important topic a little further and discuss how a smart city conserves and preserves electricity.

A smart city not only elevates the quality of one’s lifestyle, but also contributes majorly by reducing the cost and consumption of resources. It also employs advanced services and technologies to respond faster to challenges which threaten the environment. Living in a smart city comes with umpteen numbers of perks. These cost-effective projects roll out an eco-responsive and well-rounded environment-safety approach.

  1. Smart Energy Meters- The 100%-metered electricity supply ensures that the distribution and consumption is always well managed. Hence, zero wastage.
  2. Smart Grid Monitoring- This helps in detecting any kind of power pilferage and enables self healing measures.
  3. Ambient Light Detectors-They enable the streetlights across the township to automatically switch on as the sun sets and switch off at day break.
  4. Remote Triggering- 4. It immediately alerts the authorities in case of indirectly billed power devices.
  5. Usage of renewable energy Clean energy produced by the sun, water and wind. Thus, saving and proper utilization of energy.

Wave City in Ghaziabad is one of the most advanced smart cities in our country. Apart from adapting all the above mentioned features it goes one step ahead and plans to employ the OLC200 Wireless Street light Control. It will not only reduce energy usage by 19% but will also help in preventing 120.000 tons of CO2 each year.



Comments (2)

D U kakade posted over 1 year ago

Very good concept. If it's practicable, it should be done at many other places

ajay nath posted almost 2 years ago

I like the way you have written.

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