July 2015
Hi-Tech City - Smart Life, Better Living


Hi-Tech City seems to be the latest buzz word. Topping the list of many discerning home buyers, this concept seems to have grabbed everyone’s attention. But, what exactly is a Hi-Tech City? Is it just a fad or a far-fetched dream? If it is a reality? What are the perks of living in a hi-tech city? How is it any different from our regular residential concepts? For a better understanding, let’s tackle each question individually and try to figure out what’s, whys and ifs of a Hi-Tech City. So, let’s get started.

What is a Hi-Tech City?

Well with the speed at which we as a nation are evolving and the way we live our lives, smart living is definitely the need of the hour. A Hi-Tech City uses cutting-edge technologies to enhance quality of life, to ensure well-being, reduce costs and judiciously utilize resources. Hi-Tech City is a globally accepted concept. However, in India, it is a relatively new concept. Located in the rapidly growing suburb of Ghaziabad, Wave City is the answer to a number of lifestyle issues that we’ve been all compromising with.

Perks of living in a Hi-Tech City?

The perks are many. For starters, living in a Hi-Tech City ensure, you get the best services, lead a value added lifestyle, and enjoy a wholesome life.

  1. Smart Water - Smart Water Metering, Water Distribution Control Monitoring System, Adequate Water Storage, etc. at Wave City, ensure 24/7 water availability.
  2. Smart Power - 100% Metered Electricity Supply – Pay as per use. A mobile app ensures you keep a track of power usage on-the-go, and limit your usage. What’s more? Cut off meter supply by your mobile app when going for a vacation.
  3. Smart Mobility - The Intelligent Traffic Management System keeps you updated with the shortest routes and live traffic updates.
  4. Smart Security -Automatic surveillance, panic buttons, video analytics for better access system, and proactive crime detection, etc. ensure you stay safe and sound.
  5. Smart Parking - Automated parking, Multi-level car parking, spate parking allocations, etc., reduce the parking and retrieval time of vehicles.

Why choose a Hi-Tech City?

Because it is great to lead a comfortable, convenient and uncluttered lifestyle- isn’t it?



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