April 2015
Smart Features Adorn the New Apartments on NH 24


With a Smart City like Wave City, choosing from a bouquet of smart and practical apartments in Ghaziabad will no longer seem like a task. A lot has been said about the importance of smart cities by our Hon. Prime Minister and also by a number of reputed developers. But what exactly is a Smart City? Well, a Smart City basically aims at conserving and preserving resources a city uses. A Smart City is self-sufficient in every possible way and provides a positive ecosystem for its residents. Wave City, other than being the largest smart city in India, is also counted as one of the most beautiful properties in Ghaziabad.

Wave City, a brain child of the reputed Wave Infratech, will be the first city that comes with advanced sustainable strategies. Strategically located on NH-24, the newest suburb of Delhi, this project will offer an opportunity of being a part of a revolutionary way of life. Being just 30 minutes from the national capital further adds to its charm. The expansion of NH-24 in the future and its linkage to Faridabad, Noida, etc., will make it one of the best properties in Ghaziabad from Investment point-of-view. But other than being a strong investment option, Wave City is a city that will host a plethora of smart features. These smart features will make it present perfect and future-ready.

Smart City: Smart Living In a Nutshell

a) The Central Command Centre - A single window that will professionally manage security, services and maintenance for each building.
b) Smart Meters - Smart water and electrical meters will be installed, which will send the users direct information on the usage pattern, and will offer easy recharge options.
c) BRT System - For smooth transport, the GPS enabled buses will send you SMS on time of arrival.
d) Intelligent Traffic Management System - Intelligent traffic management will efficiently manage traffic, and keep you updated with the traffic, and shortest possible routes to your desired destination.
e) Automated Parking Updates - With Intelligent parking meters, you will know whether parking is available in your favourite mall or not.

Convenience finds a new address at Wave City. It is India’s largest Smart and Green City. With almost 25 % capital appreciation already, Wave City will be a sustainable benchmark for other future smart cities to match.



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