July 2015
Smart Safety measures for better living


Smart Safety Measures that Keep Trouble at Bay

Safety is a pivotal component that plays a major role in ones holistic wellbeing. Better living is safe living. The feeling of being safe and secure goes a long way in helping people lead a happy, productive, wholesome and care-free life.

Few smart Safety measures that can be employed are-

  1. CCTVs- CCTV cameras installed at close intervals ensure fool-proof security.
  2. Panic buttons- Panic buttons in different parts of the city will ensure that help will never be too far.
  3. Tag based access- Tag based access will curtail outsider access and will prevent any kind of intrusion into your private space.
  4. Video Analytics- Video analytics for better access system & proactive crime detection.
  5. Automated street lights – The automated street lights will ensure that every corner of the city is well lit. Since it will be automated, chances of human error will be close to nil.
  6. Data over cloud server- All the security information and data will be stored over the cloud server. This will ensure that none of the data is lost and can be accessed anytime from anywhere.
  7. Another smart security feature that can be incorporated are the ANPR Cameras:

  8. a) These high-tech cameras can keep data stored for about 6 months.
    b) It captures high resolution pictures of incoming & outgoing vehicles.
    c) Unauthorized vehicles can be tracked.
    d) Retrospective inspection will be possible.
    e) It is accurate, sharp and smart.

While, incorporating all these features in our cities might seem like a distant dream, Wave City – India’s largest smart city carefully blends all of the above mentioned features and more. Here you can expect a safe, sound and happy environment.



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viren posted almost 2 years ago

Sefty reason very good requird

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