July 2015
Smart Ways to Conserve and Preserve Water


Better living is the smart utilization of the already dwindling natural resources.

It is important that we as a country decide to make conscious changes in the way we use our resources. One can employ countless smart measures to conserve and preserve the natural resources. These measures should be well integrated into the day to day lives of its citizens for maximum benefit. This will not only make the life of the residents easy, but will also go a long way in ensuring that the residents enjoy a balanced lifestyle. So, what exactly can be done?

Smart Water Management The smart water meters at Wave City- A revolutionary way to maintain the supply and usage of water, ensuring that there is absolutely no wastage.

  1. 100%metered water supply. So, you pay for only what you use.
  2. Wireless telemetry- This will reduce the chances of human errors during consumption calculations as it won’t need physical check of meter readings.
  3. The smart water meters are estimated to be 95% accurate, this reduces the chances of any kind of disputes.
  4. These meters are going to be IP 66 meters, which work efficiently, even under submerged conditions.
  5. All the records of water consumption, load etc., will be maintained over the web. This will ensure more efficiency.
  6. The inbuilt strainers will filter the dirt particles, thus bringing you clean, potable water.
  7. The meters will also keep a check on water thefts and/or any kind of water leakages.
  8. Smart Manhole covers will detect sewer and portable water flow levels.
  9. Automated water and sewage plants for efficient utilization of water.
  10. The water quality measurement system will check the quality of water and its PH levels.
  11. Rain water harvesting system will ensure that every drop of water is utilized well.
  12. Wave City emphasis on the right usage of water: Grey water i.e water from bathroom sinks, shower, tubs, washing machines, which may contain traces of dirt, food, grease etc., will be used for landscaping.
  13. Adequate Water Storage: Residents can store water using overhead water tanks which should be automatically filled by underground water, using pump automation systems.

Wave City on NH 24 advocates smart ways to conserve and preserve water. Its smart measures ensure that all its residents get adequate amount of water all year round, 24/7.



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