Green Living Concept

Wave City is "World's Largest Green Pre-Certified Platinum Rated Township". The project makes use of a rain water harvesting system as well as water recycling plants that recycle grey water for daily use and ensure a minimum strain on the ecosystem.

Clean & Green Neighborhood Parks and a Vast Central Park

A vast green space with clean & green neighborhood parks and a central park create a serene and nurturing environment to promote public health and quality of life. The concept aims at conserving and preserving the resources that the city uses. Smart systems for water, electricity, sewage and transport make it an advanced lifestyle reducing the consumption of water, electricity via optimization & fuel consumption with live time traffic updates.

Vast Green Spaces

Consumption and reducing operating costs for businesses, schools, hospitals and residents are just a few of the systems in place at Wave City. This will also have waste water treatment infrastructure to treat the waste water generated within the project.

World's Largest Green Pre-Certified Platinum Rated Township

Wave City has been designed to address the space, traffic management, social and environmental issues. The Township has been evaluated on the following broad aspects:

  • Environmental planning
  • Land Use planning
  • Resources management
  • Community development

WaveCity - A Unique Endeavour