Advanced Security Management Features of Wave City

Wave City, a strategically positioned township, is spread over a vast area of 1500 acres. The township offers residential plots, villas, floors with amenities like hospitals, schools, parks, clubs, etc. 

Safety being a major issue these days, it is important to look for certain safety and security features in a township. With a number of basic features in the upcoming smart cities in India, Wave city is one township that not only provides the basic amenities but also takes proper care of the safety of their residents with the following features:

City Security

There are various features that ensure city security so that the residents feel safe in the Wave City. The township captures high resolution pictures to keep a record of all the incoming and outgoing vehicles and to track any unauthorised vehicle entering the premises. The communities are gated for further security reasons and access is restricted to authorised vehicles only. These records are stored up to 6 months in case any review is needed. Also, all public transports are tracked by GPS based systems which ensure extra safety.

Public Safety

While the city is secure, the township ensures public safety to the maximum as well. For this panic buttons are accessible which can be used in case of emergency. Tag based entry is another feature that makes sure that access is given only to the people who are authorised. Extra security measures are taken to prevent theft and burglary in the township. Also, automated street lights make sure that the township is well-lit even in the dark hours. This ensures proper safety of women, children and elderly.

Home Security

Wave City takes extra measures to provide utmost home security with the help of 24/7 surveillance and the feature of video analytics for access. This data is archived for almost 3 months in order to serve retrospective inspection. Major focus is given towards the safety of women, children and senior citizens thus; common areas are kept under surveillance. Further safety of the residents is ensured with the help of 200 guards that will clock the patrolling vehicles.

These safety and security measure helps the township help the residents lead a hassle-free, safe and high-quality life.

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