Advantages of Living in an Independent Floor

Independent floors are in demand. Industrialists, corporate executives, businessmen, professionals, NRI are going for independent floors. Huge number of families across the nation has already chosen the independent floors for their desire for perfection. Why? Let us know what an independent floor is? And what are the benefits residing in it?

What is an independent floor?

An independent floor means more space and privacy. And with this comes the benefits of an integrated township/community. The independent floors are generally available in low rise building that houses a few other apartments.

Here, we will list a few advantages of living in an independent floor-

 Better privacy

The resident family has the more space to its disposal and this provides more privacy to the family. On the other hand, a number of apartments exist on one floor in case of a high-rise project which means the floor is shared by more people.

Better lifestyle at reduced costs

If you want better lifestyle at less cost, we would advise you to opt for independent floors. Independent bungalows or villas will also give you the independent lifestyle you need, but, will dig a much deeper hole in your pockets. With independent floors, the luxury and privacy of the entire floor remains with you, but without paying hefty amounts.  

Better resale value

You can expect higher returns while selling your independent floor in future in terms of percentages as you will be disposing off the entire floor. You can expect a higher premium too.  

You can avoid tussles and disputes

In a project having independent floors, separate electricity and water connection are provided to each of the floors. Thus you can avoid misunderstandings and disputes that are so common in societies where many families share the same floor.     

You can choose who to live with

Another evolving concept going around among buyers of independent floors is that-floors are bought among close friends and family members and thus, they have the luxury of actually choosing who to live with! This is absolutely impossible in a high-rise project. With like-minded people getting in together and purchasing all the floors in the building- you can form a separate community on your own.

The bottom line:

It is due to the above-mentioned advantages that the independent floor is fast becoming a lucrative option for home buyers these days.

Acknowledging this new-found craze of home buyers for independent floors, Wave City has designed Executive 2 & 3 BHK apartments (stilt +5 independent floors) and is offering premium amenities to the residents, ensuring utmost safety and privacy at the same time. These independent units, called “Wave Executive Floors”, are spread over an impressive location close to the NH-24 and are featured with gated community, dedicated car parking, high-speed elevators and many more amenities. Wave City is committed to creating a new way of living with new-age infrastructure and luxurious facilities. For more details, visit Wave Executive Floors

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