Earthquake-Resistant Homes- Structural Requisite and It’s Growing Demand

Every real estate developers nowadays understand the importance of building earthquake-resistant structures. Be it Ghaziabad or Noida, most of the high-rises being built in Indian cities are earthquake-resistant. The objective behind this is to ensure that the buildings not only absorb the shocks but are also state-of-the-art structures. Therefore, these buildings are safe to reside in. The earthquake-resistant structure is an important feature that makes the residential complexes the preferred choice of many home buyers.

Characteristics of Earthquake Resistant Apartment Complexes
When you buy a home in Ghaziabad, it is essential that you ensure that it is earthquake resistant and has received certification from the Indian Green Building Council Board (IGBC). This will ensure that your home is not only built with care but also eco-friendly. Some of the features that earthquake resistant apartment complexes will have are as follows:

• For high-rises, being shock resistant means, the building complex will be ductile as opposed to being stiff or inflexible. In other words, the building will sway in the same frequency as the shocks. This will ensure that there is no opposing force built, thereby preventing the building from collapsing.

• The high rises, which are earthquake resistant will always be built using Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC), have core shear walls and follow simple geometric patterns for the individual floors, which have been designed by qualified structural engineers. This will ensure that the buildings do not suffer extreme damage in case of a severe earthquake.

Thus, when you consider purchasing a property in Ghaziabad, it is essential that you ensure the apartment complex is earthquake resistant. Moreover, it is advisable that you purchase the apartment from a renowned real estate developer, so that you are assured of the quality of construction itself. There are plenty of options available to those who’re looking for earthquake-resistant homes in Noida, Ghaziabad and other Indian cities.

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