Ensure A Safe and Secured Life At Wave Floors Premium

Our home is the safest place on earth where we can keep our worries at bay and be with the ones we love. It is vital for an individual to have the happy, safe and secured feeling in the home. Since safety and security are amongst the top priorities for an individual, it is equally important for people to ensure this before purchasing the home of their dreams.

Considering safety and security as one of the most crucial parameters, Wave Infratech’s flagship project Wave City presents state of the art homes which are apt for one and all. There are a number of projects namely, Dream Homes, Wave Executive Floors, Wave Floors, Prime Floors and more. Amongst these, one such project which stands out is Wave Floors Premium.

Wave Floors Premium
In Wave Floors Premium, we not only provide the house you deserve but the full-fledged security, that is most crucial for a happy and safe home. The price range is vast according to your wants, with a minimum starting from Rs. 35 Lacs. A good apartment always comes with both luxury and safety. With any one of the two missing and the balance is changed.

Wave Floors Premium is your dream space with more the amenities than you need for an exclusive lifestyle. Also owning an apartment at Wave Floors Premium makes you a family at India’s most Hi-Tech city.

Privacy & Security
When the idea of a home comes into our mind, privacy always comes first. In Wave City, the property owners possess a freehold space and enjoy full privacy with the distinct features of independent floors. Privacy and security, the two things any house needs to call it a home is witnessed at Wave Floors Premium. The project is equipped with best in class features such as high-end security systems, electronic smart door lock, society gatekeepers, CCTV and records of visitors, etc.

Technology for Enhanced Security
Taking advantage of technology for the safety of a home is smart and wise. Locking the door the same old way with a lock and keeping the key in purse looks outdated. Upgrading from the old key and lock to electronic door is smart and we understand it, hence deploying this premium feature for safety purpose. The electronic door will prevent anyone especially the intruders and bad guys out of the house and out of your lives. Such advance feature will enhance the safety and give a peace of mind.

Rental Option
The limited units at Wave Floors Premium inside Wave City have a rental option of 36 months. These houses are available in 112.5, 162 and 240 square meters area. Hence, if someone is looking for a safe yet luxurious and spacious home, contact us via the comment box below.

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