Features that make a Smart City Smart

Smart City is top among the buzz words that we hear these days. But, what does this term refer to? What is it that makes these projects different from other residential developments?
Mentioned below are some significant aspects that set a smart city apart from other projects.

Water Management

Water supply systems in a smart city project are developed in a manner so as to ensure a judicious supply of water throughout the city. Water supply meters enable people to pay per use and can be recharged through a mobile application. Smart cities even have ways to prevent meter theft, detect water leakages, and to carry out water quality checks online.

Smart Electric Grid

Smart cities also have metered electric supply. Electricity consumption can be monitored over the web and there are mobile applications for tracking one’s electricity usage too. People can even choose to cut off supplies, via their phones, when travelling. Automatic substations attend to electric faults on immediate basis to prevent blackouts or dark zones.

Solid Waste Management

Waste disposal is another thing that is well taken care of in a smart city. There are provisions for organic waste converters to help bring carbon dioxide emissions under control. Proper waste management not only aids in keeping the environment healthier and greener, but also generates manure for horticulture and limits pollutants from being released out in the open.

Traffic and Transportation Management

Smart city developments have an intelligent traffic management system in place that helps residents save precious hours that they can put to better use. Where smart signals guide traffic based on real time situations, there are provisions for real time traffic updates on phones, for the residents. All vehicles entering or leaving the premises are monitored via GPS tracking systems.

Homeland Security Management

Smart Cities take the safety and security of their residents very seriously. Only specific vehicles get entry within the premises. The gates into the city are locked and guarded by well-qualified security professionals. High resolution security cameras help carry out round the clock surveillance. All ongoing and outgoing vehicles and people are monitored.

Smart City technology is truly of an outstanding nature as it helps tackle major issues that the modern population is subjected to more often that not. The experience of dwelling in a Smart City is therefore, unlike any other.

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