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Roof Style Inspiration - Wave City

Roof Style Inspiration - Wave City

Roof of a building performs the most important function of protecting people residing in it against natural elements like rain, snow, sun and hail. Roofs can be in any shape and besides providing a protective cover, it also adds a unique architectural style to the building. When choosing a roof style for a residential or commercial building, there are certain factors that needs to be borne in mind like cost to build, maintenance cost roof, climatic conditions in the area and style of your home and more.

Roof Decoration Ideas

Let us discuss some popular and common in use roof décor and style ideas.

Flat Roof

The flat roof is one of the commonest roof styles in vogue. It is simple to build and doesn’t require a lot of material in its building. It is important to ensure proper waterproofing of this roof as it doesn’t drain well. If you wish to add a décor element to your roof, try developing a terrace garden or an eco-friendly urban garden on the roof top.


Such a roof consists of a slanted, single plane roof which is higher on one side. It has better drainage thus preferred in areas that experiences heavy rainfall. On the flip side, there may be odd shaped rooms below, but it can be used and decorated as a unique architectural feature.


This is a pitched roof which has two sides sloping down from a central ridge. It is easy to build and maintain and it can be vented irrespective of local climatic conditions. It doesn’t collect debris like dry leaves or precipitation. Such a roof is perfect above an attic as it makes insulating the area easier.


This roof has two short sides and two long sides slanting down a ridge in the middle. Overhanging eaves on the property shields the entrance and shades overly sunny windows. It also protects siding from lashing rains. Such a roof is ideally suited for warm climate areas with frequent rainstorms as it offers high wind resistance.


A variant of hipped roof theme, this roof style has four sides. The elegant roof type has two slopes with the lower slope containing dormer windows and much steeper than the upper slope. Such a roof help in maximizing usable living space. An additional story can also be built under such a roof.

Arched or Curved

A dramatic arched or curved roof is a unique example of architectural brilliance. Such a roof is mostly used to cover a visible portion of the house. While building this roof, steel is used for maximum strength. Moreover, it ensures excellent drainage.

Choose any of these roof styles and decorate them to make the best aesthetic and functional use of the space.

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