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Simple yet Stylish Lighting Ideas for your New House

Simple yet Stylish Lighting Ideas for your New House

We all know that a house is a mixture of different rooms. Apart from the bedroom, living room, and the kitchen, you may have a reading room or a kid’s room as well. Different lighting go in different rooms and you can use simple and stylish lighting ideas for different rooms and corners of your house. This will not only enhance the overall appearance of the house, but also help you use appropriate lighting in different parts of the house.

So, after you have bought your new house, you will be searching for some simplistic lighting ideas to increase the style quotient of your newly bought abode. Here’s a list of some simple lighting ideas that may come in handy:

1. Incorporate contemporary lighting

Contemporary lighting designs are elegant and look absolutely striking, whether you use them in the living room or in the bedroom. For such designs, you can use arc floor lamps as they look perfect when it comes to simplistic contemporary lighting design. These are bulbous shades with elegant silhouettes which offer a modern classic appeal to the corners of the house they are kept in. They look the best placed next to a single sofa.

2. Soften the room edges with warm lighting  

Warm lights look best in a living room. Even if you live in a smaller space, these lights won’t compromise on the square footage. You will be required to install wall lights around the edges of the room, to give it a more deep and cosy appeal. This arrangement will look better than overhead lights and can be used to soften the room edges.

3. Stand out with some stunning lighting pieces

To make your living room stand out, you can install a beautiful statement chandelier or a standout pendant light. Any lighting that has a sculptural design and oversized round bulbs will inject style directly into your living room.

4. Mix and match lanterns

One thing that will work great in the area of the house where you relax the most is the mixing and matching the lanterns.  After you install the lanterns, you can use some floor cushions and pile up some textiles. You also throw in some LED candles thereby eliminating the need of a fire hazard. This setup will serve as a relaxing corner of your house.

5. Functional lighting

You may have a room specifically allotted for a home or office space, or use it simply for reading. If you have a chair allotted for your reading or doing office work, you can keep a floor lamp near the chair or at side table. Many lamps come with adjustable height, and hence take up minimal space. 

If you are still searching for a new home, you can consider some of the great housing options as there are many 3, 2, or 1 BHK ready-to-move in flats present in Ghaziabad. After you decide and buy your home, you can use these amazing lighting ideas before you have your housewarming party, and have a happy Gruhapravesam!

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