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Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui within your New House

Tips for Creating Good Feng Shui within your New House

Feng shui – what and why?

An ancient art which was formalized about 3000 years ago in China, Feng Shui is associated to the Taoist vision of Nature, especially that of the earth being alive and filled with chi or energy. The term “Feng Shui” itself refers to two agents of nature, i.e. “wind” and “water”. In Chinese culture, these agents are often related to good health, and that is how the term came to denote good fortune. Certain elements of Feng Shui date back to 6000 years ago, mostly relating to subjects of astronomy, physics, psychology and astrology.

Feng Shui is also expressed as the art of placement, dealing with the positioning of objects in a space in a manner that helps balance and harmonize the energies there. Feng Shui is believed to influence various areas of life. Good fortune comes in many guises like successful career, good health, fulfilling love life and so on, and Feng Shui involves details about each of these areas.

How can you incorporate good Feng Shui in your new house?

Making their homes Feng Shui compliant is a hot trend with people buying homes in Ghaziabad, Noida and Gurgaon. These cities not only have well-designed houses on offer but also implements measures that are deemed necessary for a positive and happy household, as per Feng Shui.

Make the main entrance appealing

How you maintain the main entrance or front door to your house is important in Feng Shui, for it is regarded as the mouth of the chi. Therefore, to attract good energy, make the main entrance to your house, alluring. Begin with cleaning the main entrance to make it look approachable. Place a clean doormat and remove any burnt out light.

Include some fragrance and color to your front porch

In Feng Shui, pathways are considered analogous to prospects finding their way to us. Bright and fresh green plants enhance the aesthetics of a place and invite good health. Hence, keeping both of these at your front porch will help you attract whatever you desire.

Let your address be visible

It’s time you dusted off the board reading your address, in front of your house. If it has undergone damages and needs restoration, do that. Get it freshly painted and then firmly bolt it in place. Having a well-posted name and address in your apartment will ensure that fortune knows exactly where to find you.

Suspend a wind-chime to the front door

Wind chimes are known as cures in Feng Shui. They not only allow free flow of energy but also help create a balance. It is believed that the swirling rods of the wind chime channel invisible, good energy into the premises. As the wind swooshes and the wind chime creates sweet music, it draws attention to the space, attracting opportunities into the lives of the residents.

Freshen up the indoors

For you to feel good within the space of your house, the indoors have to look good. This can only happen when you declutter the space and let some fresh air and light within. Cleaning up the space and removing unnecessary things will create harmonious Feng Shui energy. In that respect, both air and light are necessary elements for conducting good energy into your house.

There are quite a lot of ways to go about decorating your new house to make it Feng Shui compliant, be it by adding green plants, bright lights, or other attractive décor items. Undertaking the above-mentioned steps alongside, as you keep count of the auspicious days for shifting to your new house, will help ensure that you have a happy and prosperous time, when there.

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