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Try these Simple yet Sophisticated Wall Designs in your Living Room

Try these Simple yet Sophisticated Wall Designs in your Living Room

We are always looking to find the ideal furniture and furnishings when we start decorating our house, but seldom do we think of doing something incredible with the walls. The living room is especially the one where most of the activity takes place and transforming its walls work wonders. This not only gives the main area i.e. the living area of the house a new makeover but also offers a treat to the eyes every time we step into it. After a long tiring day, who would not want to come to a living room with eye-pleasing walls?

Here is a list of wall designs that you can use on the walls of your living room to add an extra dash of elegance to it:

Wooden walls

A décor that would look perfect on your living room walls is one that’s characterised by wood. Taking the style quotient of the room a notch higher, doing this really takes the whole look of the room to another level. With a natural charm, strips of wood are one of the best wall décor ideas out there. Plus, adding lighting to the wooden work will also serve as a great enhancement, adding an altogether different effect to the walls and the entire room.

Tapestry or carpet

Instead of throwing out an unused tapestry or carpet, use them on your living room walls. You may wonder if it will look good on the walls or not, but once you use a beautiful tapestry or carpet in a small wall of your living area, you will feel nothing but luxury in your living room.This method will serve as one of the most inexpensive wall décor ideas. What you need is a frame and some nails, and you are all set.

Green walls

What can be better than adding a little greenery to your living room? Not only will it look incredible on the walls, but will also provide a refreshing treat to the eyes every time you walk into the room. Amplify the ambience will change altogether once you make a small vertical garden on the wall especially if you love plants.

Use these wall décor ideas to add a little twist to the rather mundane living room walls. It will add some sophistication and luxury in your living room. Interestingly, these décor ideas can work well for your bedroom wall too! So, when do you plan to add some life into your home’s walls!

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