Are You Keeping These Points in Mind before Picking the Color for Your Home?

Colours speak louder than words, and it is refreshing to get drowned in the endless collection of palettes when it comes to making a selection. Even the best of us may take a wrong turn around the color wheel when it comes to zeroing in on that perfect shade. Let us take a look at a few things to keep in mind in our hunt for the perfect color inspiration:

Selection of a Colour Scheme

Hues of the same colors like sky blue, midnight blue etc. can be used in alternating tones to create a monochromatic color scheme. However, if you wish to create a dramatic impression, one can prefer a distinctive range of colors and fill the atmosphere with energetic vibes. And for those who are in pursuit of comforting their eyes can opt for a similar scheme, wherein colors like blue-green or yellow-orange which are adjacent to each other on the color wheel are selected in pairs. A complementary design of opposite colors would best suit for people who want to give bold and vivid looks to their walls.

Always decide a color keeping furniture in mind

Before finalizing a color, one can consider taking cues from the furniture or carpet of that particular room. Once the apartment is planned, the wall color should be selected to bring everything together. Some people prefer pale shades on the wall contrasting the brighter and more colorful furniture while others go for neutral furnishings and intense color on the walls.


It is imperative to examine the role of lighting when picking the shade. Color hues continually adjust as per the light in the room. Rooms which are getting plenty of daylight might reflect a different shade of the same color, as compared to those when lit artificially. Deciding a color that balances well between day and night is the right choice. How much a color reflects or absorbs and whether the home lighting is white or yellow are a few thoughts, which we require to investigate, before getting the paint job.

Examine a sample before finalizing

One of the fundamental tasks is to choose the shade of the color by experiencing them live on the wall. A particular shade perhaps not look as promising on the entire expanse of the wall as it was on a color swatch card. Conducting a patch test can also help to discover combinations which best go together.

Decent flow of Colors

While one can plan a different color scheme for each of the rooms, the trick lies in connecting them into one single entity and bringing out the balance in the house. A well-planned paint job considers semblance of flow of colors from one room to another.

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