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How Home Automation Is Revolutionizing Real Estate Sector

How Home Automation Is Revolutionizing Real Estate Sector

In 1822, American actor and poet Howard Payne sang, “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” He could never have envisaged what home, and especially a smart home, would be like 200 years later. From smartphones to smart homes, smart is the new buzzword. A home automation system offers digitization, ease, and flexibility, that is exactly what people are seeking today. In this article, we will contemplate how home automation technology is making an impact on real estate currently and will strive to do so in the coming years.

When it comes to digitalization and disruption in the traditional functioning of most sectors, the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the trendiest subjects. As the internet and automation were first introduced to the real estate industry, they made our homes smarter. As a corollary, a plethora of well-known real estate entities have invested in home automation to diversify their offers and secure a foothold in this competitive sector. Even the leading technology giants such as Google, Amazon, Philips, and others have already made significant investments in this promising market. Homebuyers, especially millennials, desire complete control of their residence at their fingertips. 

Initially, the home automation systems were marketed as homes with advanced security and locking arrangements, but over time with various technological advancements, home automation evolved beyond security offerings. The contemporary home automation products tend to provide practically all conveniences from administrating and controlling the exterior of the house, entry pathway, to indoor activities such as entertainment, lighting, device management, voice command functionalities for ordering food, booking a cab, etc. Let’s explore some of the new-age functionalities home automation has to offer –


Surveillance – Nowadays, almost all home automation systems are equipped with a 24/7 surveillance arrangement. Your home stays protected from intruders via features like video door monitoring, and CCTV surveillance outside.

Smart Safety – This feature keeps your home secured from life-threatening situations by monitoring gas leak detection and intrusion sensors, as well as curtain sensors and fire detection.

Electrical – Electrical appliances like smart air conditioning, smart refrigerators, or even centrally regulated air conditioner can provide a comfortable and sustainable living environment. All of these appliances’ power can be intelligently managed from any corner of the house. This is a really helpful function for determining energy efficiency and lately, this aspect is gaining popularity among the majority of home buyers.

Lighting Control – This feature enables you to control the lights remotely or by presence detection. It also allows you to choose automatic light activation as per day and night timings in your region.

Entertainment – Home automation also allows you to control all your entertainment devices from gaming consoles to smart TV, and music appliances via mobile or voice commands.

Communication – Features such as GPS navigation linked to entry/exit and proximity door unlocking can provide you with a one-of-a-kind living experience.

Phone Setup – When the house is empty, a home-based system allows you to interact and send commands via a registered mobile phone. The system allows you to enter the phone’s name and model number so that it can be validated for use. When you are about to reach home, you’ll be able to connect with the system to turn on the television, the oven, and any other smart electrical equipment in the house as per your need.

Climate and Temperature Control – As a result of severe environmental degradation and high pollution levels in various locations across the country, smart home solutions for temperature and atmosphere control are now widely sought after by real estate investors and potential homebuyers. Several home automation solution providers are now offering energy-efficient integrated climate and temperature control solutions by combining lighting, air purification, and thermostat controls, greenhouse monitoring systems, and humidity control sensors using the power of IoT.


Home automation is slowly becoming a norm in the real-estate sector and the aspirations of home buyers are ever-increasing. As the property’s resale value is always a vital consideration for an investor. Home automation systems and devices have the greatest impact on real estate since they boost resale value. They usually boost the home value in terms of curb appeal. Home automation is slowly becoming more prevalent and home-buyers have started to see the benefits of investing in a smart home. Smart homes were thought to be ideal for the lifestyles of the wealthy and famous, as well as the technologically gifted few. But now home automation products and systems are being embraced by consumers across generations and communities.

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