Wave City – The smart and sustainable City - Wave City

Wave City – The smart and sustainable City

Wave City – The smart and sustainable City

Environmental pollution is not a new phenomenon, yet it persists to be the world’s most fundamental problem and one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality. Pollution is high on the national agenda and is widely recognized as a threat to both public health and economic progress. Therefore sustainable solutions are the need of the hour to help curb environmental pollution and begin the healing process. Every industry needs to be innovative and needs to embrace the challenge and act for the cause as soon as possible.

At Wave City, we have been determined since the beginning to build a highly sustainable and eco-friendly city that offers smart living. It’s important now more than ever to use our resources judiciously, to prioritize uncluttered, clean surroundings that run like clockwork, and most importantly, a life that’s free from daily worries. The conservation and preservation of resources have been a high priority of Wave City, which uses a bunch of smart features to make the city smarter and sustainable. The following are the few smart features that have been incorporated at Wave City –

  • Central Command Center – A central hub for coordinating and monitoring all important components of Wave City which include Smart Electric Grid, Weather Station, Water Management System, Air Quality measurement, Cooking Gas Distribution, Solid Waste Management, Homeland Security Management, City Portal, Traffic & Transportation Management, and Street Light Automation.

  • Smart Electric Grid – ensures 100% metered electricity supply with the provision of managing and tracking the consumption via Wave City residents app and limit usage when it exceeds. All usage data is stored on the cloud for easy retrieval and to make energy audits possible. Automatic substations ensure Diesel generators start spontaneously without any manual efforts. The smart electric grid also helps in preventing accidental fire due to overloading and identifying electric faults that are immediately fixed, leading to no dark zones in the city.

  • Water Management System – Efficient and smart water management system at Wave City ensures judicious utilization and 24*7 availability of water. The system maintains adequate water pressure at all height levels with equitable distribution and a 100% metered water supply with the prevention of meter theft. It also contains an online water quality check for dirt particle levels and an inbuilt strainer for filtration. Any complaints and payments can be done via the Wave City Resident app.

  • Cooking Gas Management – 100% of households have the cooking gas supply with a wireless transmission that eliminates the need for a physical check-up of meter readings. The smart system has automatic leakage detection, easy complaint registration, and an online bill payment facility.

  • Homeland Security Management – Wave City utilizes advanced technologies to ensure top-notch security and the safety of residents. The City Security includes capturing high-resolution pictures of vehicles entering and exiting, gated communities, vehicle tracking systems, and data storage for up to 6 months for reviewing. For Public Safety there are panic buttons installed at various places, provision of Tag-based access, theft/burglary protection, automated street lights to ensure no dark zones, and special emphasis on the safety of women, children, and the elderly. As far as Home Security is concerned there is round-the-clock surveillance, 90 days archive period for retrospective inspection, CCTV monitored common zones, tag-based access with video analytics, and alarms on phone and mail.

  • Weather Station – The information and communication technology at Wave City keeps the residents updated regarding the slightest change in temperature and air quality. It captures and notifies in advance about wind chill, heat index levels, visibility, and storms.

  • Air Quality – The AQI is one of the fastest-growing concerns and probably one of the biggest challenges we all are facing. At Wave City, the residents are warned through the app if the calculated PM 2.5 rises to any concerning levels and also warns of any increase in industrial-based pollution in the air. The Wave City has more than 3.5 Lakhs of flora and open spaces to tackle the rising pollution levels.

  • Solid Waste Management – The smart organic waste management systems at Wave City includes waste converters that reduce the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere and further for complete waste management manure is generated for horticulture.

  • City Portal – It allows the residents to lodge any complaint directly via the app, make payments for resources consumed or services claimed, access the consumption data, and track the services.

  • Street Light Automation – ensures that the city is all lit up at dusk so there are no dark zones and all the street lights automatically go off at daybreak. The smart system is fully automated avoiding any human errors and helps in detecting an early failure to fix the faults.

Wave City is Ghaziabad’s coveted Smart City, offering a blend of technological innovations and green living. Nestled adjacent to NH-24, it is strategically located close to Akshardham Temple (30 mins away), Noida Sector-62 (15 mins), 8 lanes Delhi – Meerut Expressway (10 mins), and a proposed metro station (5 mins). No wonder, the project’s seamless connectivity makes it an alluring prospect for buyers. The area is flanked by a wide and congestion-free network of roads besides good hospitals, schools, and utility marts. The city’s USP is its sustainable development and widely spread green cover.

To know more about Wave City projects and the exceptional amenities it offers, visit https://www.wavecity.in/ and feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to serving you for a better tomorrow.

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