Types of Residential Properties Available in Delhi NCR

Home buyers today have a greater variety of options to choose from when it comes to investing in a property; much more than they did before. When you are trying to find the perfect home for your family, it is important that you not only focus on your present needs but also on those that might arise in the future. As your home will be an asset that will be used by you and probably be used by your family’s future generations too, it needs to grow along with your family. For example, if you are a family of three at present and plan to welcome another member in the future, or your parents are moving in, then your home should be able to accommodate the same. Make it a point ask these questions to yourself to find the perfect home for you.

Home buyers looking at various options usually have 4 types of options, each of which have their own positives. From a builder floor in Ghaziabad to apartments in Gurgaon, following are the four types of residential real estate you can find in Delhi NCR: –

Residential Plots

Residential plots are units of empty land that have been divided into sections for individual housing. You can find plots of various shapes and sizes in India. Residential plots make an excellent choice for those who want to construct a house as per their own taste and preferences. They are also good if you want to construct more floors to accommodate the family.


Apartments, also called as flats, are homes which are a part of a cluster housing complex. Apartments are a part of high-rise towers and blocks. As has been seen over the last few years, residential apartments are the most popular housing option in Delhi-NCR, right now. Apartments have a wide range of options available in them, from 1BHK to even 5BHK. So, you can find the perfect apartment depending on your need and budget. Almost all apartment complexes come under RERA, and it is highly advisable that you check the RERA registration of the developer before purchasing an apartment.

Builder Floor

If you want a housing option that provides independent living without the need to spend too much, then a builder floor is what you are looking for. Builder floors allow you to own a complete floor or an independent section of it in a low-rise housing complex. Such floors command a price that is cheaper than vacant plots and bungalows but more than that of cluster apartments. You can easily find builder floors in Ghaziabad, Noida and other parts of NCR.


Villas and bungalows are perfect for those who are looking for independent living, period. Constructed on residential plots, you might even find a few developers that offer villas and/or bungalows as a part of their luxury projects. That said, most of them are available in the resale market and are constructed by individuals who own residential plots. If you are planning to buy a villa or a bungalow that is a part of housing complex, do check the RERA registration before committing to a purchase.

If you really intend to put your plan of purchase into action, take help of your local real estate agent or do a thorough online research to find upcoming real estate projects which offer options that fit your requirements.

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