Various Features of Water Management System in Wave City

While three-fourth of the earth surface is covered by water out of which 3% is fresh water and only 1% is fit for drinking. Keeping this in mind, it is extremely necessary that water in used optimally and managed in a proper way to make sure that the future generation is not devoid of this wonderful natural resource.

Here is a list of features that Wave City has incorporated under its Water Management system that makes it easier and convenient for the residents in conserving water and making sure that they live a hassle-free life:

• Automatic water leakage detection: This feature helps the residents to be aware of any leakage like:  water overflow, chiller water leaks, plumbing line cracks, heating/cooling piping leaks, outside seepage which will not only avoid water wastage but will also prevent any damage that can occur from such seepage.

Online water quality checks for levels of dirt particles: While it is important to save water, it is equally important to make sure that the residents are able to get access to water that is free from impurities and will be safe for drinking.

Equitable distribution of water across the city: Equal distribution all over the township is must, and this is how we can manage optimal usage of water throughout Wave City.

Round-the-clock availability of water: The water management system in Wave City makes sure that the residents are able to lead a convenient life which is not possible if they do not have 24/7 arability to water. Thus, the water management system makes sure that the residents here get complete access to water all throughout the day.

Being a smart city project, Wave City has all the best of advantages to offer its residents, leaving no space for any hassles or disadvantages.

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