Why Choose A Low-rise Living?

Decided to book an apartment? But which floor of the building should you move into?

Confused. We will help you out.  Today, most cities in India are growing vertically these days as the population is ever so increasing and the necessary space to accommodate them remains limited. Therefore, developers are coming up with more and more projects having high-rise apartments, in both affordable and luxury segment, to cater to the increasing needs of home buyers across various income groups.

What are low-rise and high-rise buildings?

Emporis, the German data mining company has defined a low-rise building as a structure below 115 feet or 35 meters (Source: Wikipedia), divided into regular floors. A building having a height beyond this may fall into the category of high-rise buildings (some may even go above 100 floors too!).

Each of these types has got its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but there has been a recent trend in India to develop low-rise apartments – to present the distinct advantages of such apartments to the buyers.

What are the advantages of low-rise apartments?

Here we will list some advantages of living in low-rise apartments, as compared to the high-rise ones-

Better equipped to handle an emergency

Just imagine what would happen if an emergency like a fire accident hits the 18th-floor apartment you live in. Irrespective of how efficient the installed safety measures are, panic spreads more in people living on higher floors.Also, evacuating people from high-rise apartments in the event of an emergency is extremely difficult. Hence, handling emergency situations is much easier in low-rise apartments.

We are a social animal, right?

People prefer a high-rise apartment in the quest of privacy or to avoid unwanted intrusion as much as possible. We want privacy, all right; but at the same time, we are a social animal too! In all likelihood, you and your family will be spending your entire life in the apartment and we do need the company of friends at the end of the day. Also, at the time of an emergency, your trusted friends will be accessible more easily in case of low-rise apartments. Also, low-rise apartments create a better community environment where you tend to know more about the people around you.

Moving convenience and accessibility

Low rise apartments will provide you with better and quicker access to your everyday destinations such as markets, parks, swimming pools etc. Also, you will have a hassle-free experience while moving heavy items in and out of your low-rise apartment. It is to be kept in mind that all furniture cannot be fitted into the elevator and while buying furniture, you will always be restricted by the size of the item if you live in a high-rise apartment.

 Less costly

Low-rise apartments are available usually at less cost as the cost of construction is lower for the builder as compared to the high-rise ones.  Cost of maintenance is also on the lower side as less equipment is needed for the maintenance work.

Better resale value

Low-rise apartments are available at a lower price and have a higher potential for price appreciation as compared to the high-rise ones and hence, can provide a better resale value.

The bottom line:

We hope the above points will help to clear any doubts you might have had by now and will also help you to make the right buying decision.

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