8 Handy Tips to Make Moving Easier

Relocation to either in the same city or a far off city is not always convenient. The mere prospect of moving to a new place is enough to overwhelm people. If relocation is on the cards, follow the below-mentioned tips to make the process easier.

Tip No. 1: Making arrangements in advance
Seek your friends’ or acquaintances’ advice and recommendations when looking for reliable movers and packers. Once you have finalized the company from whom you would like to avail services, book them in advance. It is always better to make arrangements well in time to avoid any confusion later.

Tip No. 2: Make use of moving containers
Arrange for big pods or crates to place your personal stuff. The movers will simply carry the containers filled with your personal things on the moving day. You can fill these crates with important documents, clothes and other things that you don’t want the moving company to pack.

Tip No. 3: Collect and pack your personal stuff beforehand
It is not wise to start packing at the last minute as many times; it may result in a disaster. You can start packing with expensive, ultra-delicate crockery, jewellery, important documents, clothes, decorative items and more. Remember to leave the things that may be needed till the last day to be packed in the end.

Tip No. 4: Discard unused household items
This is the perfect time to declutter your space a little. You can get rid of all those household items, clothes and other things that are of no use to you. This way, the old junk will not occupy space in your new place. You can organize a garage sale or donate them to your favourite charity.

Tip No. 5: Pack fragile items with extra care
When it comes to packing delicate items, use your old bed sheets or bubble wrap. This way, chances of scratches or chipping reduces considerably. Glassware can be packed in an effective way inside clean socks.

Tip No. 6: Stemware glasses to be packed upside down
Stemware glasses are quite fragile and they need to be moved very delicately. These glasses can be placed upside down with pressure on their broad rims. This way, you can minimise the chances of breaking of its fragile stems.

Tip No. 7: Packing of plates
Dishes, especially plates can be stacked vertically in a box, just like vinyl records. This way, they won’t get chipped or scratched. The extra space in the packing box can be filled with used cloth bits to prevent plates from moving. Crushed paper can also be filled in to pack the box solid.

Tip No. 8: Essential items in a separate box

You need to pack essential items separately so that you don’t need to open all the crates to look for some specific item. This will save not only a lot of time but also a lot of effort on your part.

After the packing, label or mark the boxes with sketch or marker. This technique will help you find your stuff quickly and you can unpack the boxes according to your needs and re-shifting plans.

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