Ghaziabad- One of the Fastest Growing Retail Destinations in NCR

The way people shop for products has changed significantly over the past few years. It has become essential for retailers to provide a pleasant shopping experience to the customers. When it comes to buying retail spaces, most retailers are looking at emerging cities like Ghaziabad.

The Shopping Therapy!
• People spend money. Buying makes them happy, and this is known as retail therapy.
• Some experts argue that it’s mostly the interior of the retail outlet that attracts people to the shop. People are intrigued by the store’s atmosphere.
• Buying from beautiful shopping malls give customers a unique and personal shopping experience.

Emergence of Ghaziabad as a Retail and Real Estate Destination
Ghaziabad, in the NCR region, is often called the ‘gateway to UP’. This planned industrial city is gradually becoming a real estate hub and a place of big commercial activity. The demand for real estate in Ghaziabad has increased significantly. So if you are wondering what’s causing this rapid change then take a look at the factors-

• The population density in Delhi is rapidly growing and finding a suitable place has become really difficult. This has pushed the buyers towards its nearby locations and Ghaziabad is one such favorable place adjoining Delhi.
• Since it’s a planned city and close to Delhi, people prefer Ghaziabad after Delhi.
• NH 24 is planned to be expanded from 4 lanes to 14 lanes between Dasna and Delhi. This would allow more such place for residential and commercial complexes.
• The place would soon be bustling with new houses, shops and people, and this makes it a great potential area for investing with commercial interests.

The growing number of residential complexes has further added to the business feasibility for the commercial properties in this area. There are many real estate projects in Ghaziabad where you can find retail space at affordable prices.

Adjoining Noida and Delhi, Ghaziabad is one of the top priorities of people to buy their new home, since it has affordable rates, low-density projects and the population less than Delhi. These many reasons make the real estate market of Ghaziabad attractive for investors.

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