Have You Checked Your Projects on RERA Website?

One year has passed yet many home buyers are still confused about RERA. As indicated by a recent Consumer poll conducted by a real estate aggregator, about 74 % of Indian home buyers are yet to know that it is mandatory for a project to be registered with RERA these days and how to check the registration status of their projects on the website of RERA. Here, we will help one to check his project status on RERA.

74 % of Indian home buyers are yet to know that it is mandatory for a project to be registered with RERA

How can the buyers check RERA status of projects?

The RERA websites inform a buyer about available projects in his area. If you are a prospective buyer, It is highly imperative for you to cross-check the information of your preferred projects on these websites.

The following step-by-step guide will help you locate your property on RERA website:

  • Step 1: Select the District
  • Step 2: Write the Project Name
  • Step 3: Click on ‘View Details’ to get the necessary information
  • Step 4: Check details on ‘Contact Details, Proposed period, Start date’
  • Step 5: Note the details of ‘Registered Builder and Agents’

In cases where RERA websites are not functional, you can check the status of any project by personally visiting the RERA authority with the RERA registration number of the project.

A buyer can also complain to the authorities if he finds out that a project is not registered with the RERA authority of the state.

Objective of RERA

RERA has been enacted to create the institutional infrastructure and operational rules for protecting the consumers’ interests and ensuring the growth of real estate at the same time; in a healthy environment of confidence, trust and credible transactions. RERA demands that all the projects, new or on-going, have to be brought into its ambit and it is the duty of the state authorities to ensure that not a single project remains outside the RERA act.

The  bottom line :

RERA is a path-breaking law indeed, with a tremendous potential to drive momentum in the residential real estate sector and to increase the confidence level of buyers.

For Example,

Uppal Chadha Hi-Tech Developers is RERA Positive. All the under-construction products of Wave City have been registered under RERA. Promoter Registration Number: UPRERAPRM5538. 

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