Make Your Apartment Look Spacious with A Few Simple Tips

Buying an apartment is a big decision. People invest their hard-earned money to have an excellent abode for themselves. In metro cities, space is available at a premium these days. Sometimes, buyers have to compromise with apartment size and face space limitations. When designing and constructing the apartments, architects try to make optimal utilization of the space.

If you wish to make your apartment look bigger and more spacious, try some simple tricks that can bring a remarkable difference to your living space:

1. Do away with loud and brash colors

Instead of using very strong colors on the walls, it is wiser to go for lighter, subtle shades. This way, without making any architectural and spatial changes, the apartment can be done to look spacious. Simple décor techniques like using a huge mirror on one of the walls can give an amplified look to the room. When choosing wall colors, you can make a choice among basic white, off white, a lighter shade of yellow or any pastel shade. This way, the light falling on the walls will be reflected making it look spacious. Conversely, walls painted with dark colors absorb light and the room seems to be shrunk in size.

2. Use light colored furnishings

Just like room walls and ceilings, the furniture and furnishings used in the room must be in lighter shades. Sofa colors, bed linens, and other stuff should be chosen in pearly or pastel colors for a spacious look.

3. Best use of lighting

All of us are well aware of the fact that light plays a vital role in defining the overall look and appeal of living or office space. Besides installing a considerable number of windows allowing natural light streaming in, use artificial lighting in such a way that room stays lit up optimally.

If any corner or space of the room is in dark or shadowy, it gives a cramped and dull feeling. Moreover, if you have enough windows to keep space well-lighted, ensure to keep the furniture slightly away from the source of light. There must be no blockage restricting light entering the room. If your apartment is located in such a direction that it fails to receive enough natural light, proper utilization of artificial lighting can improve things to a considerable extent. Use white lights as it allows a brighter and shinier look to space, at the same time, it will make the room look broad.

4. Best use of walls

If the floor area is limited in your apartment, you can make use of any one of the walls to place knick-knacks. Storage spaces should be created to make the rooms look clutter free from excess stuff. Wooden slabs or shelves can be mounted to place showpieces and books in an appealing way.

5. Choice of furniture

Use furniture that can be used in multiple ways and does not occupy a lot of space. Velvet and leather sofas take up too much space, making space cramped. Thus, furniture needs to be chosen wisely, as, nowadays folding and space saving furniture is available in the market, which can be reduced and expanded as may be required.

The above simple tricks can help you make your apartment look spacious and aesthetically appealing.

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