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Feel the Freedom-Live in an independent floor

Feel the Freedom-Live in an independent floor

After making up your mind to buy a home, the next decision that needs to be taken is whether to go for an apartment or an independent floor. Both options have their own set of pros and cons and hence it becomes essential to analyse a lot of factors in order to make a well-informed decision. Many buyers are afraid of losing their much desired privacy when buying an apartment. In such a situation they have an option of independent floor that allows them to enjoy the facilities of an apartment without getting encroached on their privacy.

These days, the demand for independent floors is increasing at a speedy pace in Delhi-NCR region. People like Vineeta and Anand, who are newly married and live far away from their home town prefer living in an independent floor, because, they both need privacy. Moreover, both of them enjoy high paying jobs and can easily afford living in an independent floor.

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Vineeta and Anand embarked on a journey to look for a suitable home and their search came to an end at Wave Independent Floors.These floors have redefined the concept of luxury, comfort and grandeur and set up new standards of quality living. People looking forward to lead an independent lifestyle will surely enjoy living here. The major features of Wave Independent Floors that make them very sought after are-

Two and Three Bedroom Independent Floors-

There are two options available for choosing an independent floor i.e. 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms. Two bedroom options are perfectly suitable for a young couple. A family can go for three bedroom unit with a comprehensive range of luxurious facilities and amenities. The interiors and architecture of the units are exemplary and adds a subtle character to them making them warm and welcoming.

World Class Infrastructure-

Wave Infratech takes pride in offering world class infrastructure in all its projects namely, Wave City, Wave City Centre, Wave One and Wave Estate. The structure is earthquake resistant and best quality materials are used at construction site. The terrace area is designed in such a way that residents can have a panoramic view of the city while enjoying their privacy. Every minute detail has been given a lot of attention and focus.

High Appreciation Rate-

Independent Floors enjoy record appreciation rate in this real estate category especially in comparison to apartments. Corporate Executives, businessmen, industrialists, NRIs, professionals and alike people want to own an Independent floor where they can enjoy the best of the both worlds i.e. added security of a high rise building and privacy and comfort of a house. Also, the investment significance of these units cannot be ruled out.

Emerging market matrices and economic scenarios in the NCR region has Wave City as a hub for high-end investment opportunities. Owning an independent floor in the meadows of greens at Wave City is truly value for money for the residents as well as the investors. Vineeta and Anand made their decision on the basis of price, location, green surroundings and got a good deal and a quality life in return. They are indeed proud of their decision and feel the pride of being associated with Wave City at NH – 24 Ghaziabad.

If you are one of those who can relate their story with Vineeta and Anand and are looking for a lifestyle enriched with a fine blend of privacy and high standard of living, then simply connect with us to know more about Wave Independent Floors.

Share your message with us and let us know about your thoughts on Independent Floors, we may have something special for you.

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