Give Your Child A Better & Clean Future At Wave City-Wave City

Give Your Child A Better & Clean Future At Wave City

Give Your Child A Better & Clean Future At Wave City

You can spend money endlessly on your kids but it is important to spend it wisely so that they get benefitted from it. Buying toys or digital gadgets may lure your kids but are they worth their childhood?

In today’s digital world, children are losing the essence of childhood. They keep themselves busy in cartoon channels on TV, online games, surfing on parent’s (or on their own, sometimes) tablets and mobiles etc. But do they get a chance to see the first beam of the sun or do they spend sleepless nights sitting in front of laptops or televisions? Do they have time to participate in outdoor games and activities? Do they really wish to involve themselves in games like badminton, football, cricket etc.?

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After reading above questions, we might find our kids at fault but the reality is kids are not at fault. It is the parents and adults like us who are at fault. We have given tablets, televisions, mobiles, etc. to our kids but we have not given open parks and our time to them. None of us is bothered to take them to parks/gardens to play. All of us are so busy in our professional lives that we find spending some money on a tablet easier than taking our kids outdoors. The major reason for this laziness is definitely our tired lives. Coming back to home from a busy and hectic schedule at the office doesn’t leave any energy in our body to go out again with our kids. So, Wave City decided to take your worries away.

Wave City is a place where you get:
• Notifications on your mobile about the traffic condition in your city
• Arrival and departure time of public transport facilities
• 750 acres of green and open area
• 37 acres of Central park in the city
• 50 community parks
• Water channels and cycle tracks

With above facilities at one’s disposal, anyone with the little curiosity to explore the nature can spend quality time of their life within Wave City.

Wave City is 4500 acres of self-sufficient Hi-Tech Integrated city at NH 24 Ghaziabad. It is surrounded by greenery and open areas. It is surely an environmental friendly place for kids because of above attractions. To maintain the ecological balance, it also has sewage and water treatment plants, solid waste management and rain water harvesting methods. It, thus, provides enough reasons to you to encourage your kids to play outdoor games while you can stay assured about their safety and security. All you need to do is take them outdoors and parks situated within the premises of Wave City.

Feel the Freedom-Live in an independent floor

Apart from the attractions like, Hi-Tech features, environmental friendly techniques, 24×7 water, electricity and security, Wave City offers homes and shops that suit every pocket. Homes at Wave City start INR 17 Lakhs, which is 1 BHK apartment and goes up to 3 BHK apartments and Villas.

Since Wave City is a 4500-acres project, it has a lot more to offer to individuals and investors. All one needs to do it to contact our product experts by sharing their message in the comment box below.

We assure the anonymity of your details and you get a call from us only on your preferred time during working hours.

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