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How to Make the Most out of an Expandable Floor!

How to Make the Most out of an Expandable Floor!

Every individual likes to design his/her living space as per the individual choice. However, due to the scarcity of space and options, people have got accustomed to the idea of living in flats that come all designed and planned as per the realtor’s understanding and logic.

However, now most developers realise that they need to offer something different and unique. Hence, many are coming up with innovative ideas that give the homeowners the independence to customise the interiors, layout, the storey of a home.

The concept of expandable floors has also just evolved, and real estate developers are coming up with this option in their residential projects. So, if you too have been given the option of floor expansion in your new flat, here are some interesting ideas to decorate and customise your space:

• A Reading Corner: If you are a book lover and your mantra of relaxation is reading a gripping novel snuggled up in a cosy corner, then you could use the expandable floor to make just that. You can use wooden flooring and laminate wall claddings to make this corner all the cosier. Wall to wall shelves with warm lighting will just be the ideal setting to flaunt your collection of books.

• Corner Office: What if you work from home and don’t get to sit in a corner cabin! Make one in your home itself. Give the expandable floor a look and feel of an office cabin with the right kind of office furniture and glass doors and you are all set to give shape to your revolutionary ideas.

• Music Zone: This space can also be dedicated to music if you are into it. You can either display all your precious musical instruments here and make it an ideal space for jamming with friends and like-minded folks or turn it into a personal movie theatre with state-of-the-art sound systems.

So, after reading this if you are now eager to buy a property that gives you such options, then you should look for expandable floors in Delhi NCR. To the buyer’s delight, some reputed realtors are increasingly coming up with such innovative concepts; one such feature can be found at Wave Prime Floors.

To know more about expandable floors in Delhi NCR, share your message with Wave City.

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