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Living in an Integrated Township is Safe. Find Out Here

Living in an Integrated Township is Safe. Find Out Here

Ghaziabad is one of the fastest growing cities belonging to the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. It enjoys an extremely good connectivity to major north Indian cities like Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi and Faridabad through a network of highways, railways and roads. It holds the reputation of being a key hub of education, business and commerce in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Majority of people choose to invest in independent house for sale in Ghaziabad that come under the gated communities or townships that have recently been developed there by renowned real estate companies, while planning to settle down in the city. The prime reasons for this being that gated communities and townships offer state of the art security features and a host of cutting edge amenities to residents.

Security Features in Premium Township projects in Ghaziabad

The best in class township projects developed in Ghaziabad can be thought of as mini, secure and self-sustained units of their own. They feature latest scientific innovations and advanced technologies that assist them to augment the security and safety of the residents. Here are some of the key elements incorporated in their elaborate security setup:

• Security cameras capturing high-resolution snapshots of both incoming and outgoing vehicles that enter or leave the premises of the township

• Unauthorized vehicles entering the township are constantly tracked

• The entry of any unknown or unwanted intruders is redirected. Full access into the township is only granted to a limited number of vehicles which ideally belong to the :

  • Residents
  • The family members of the residents
  • The close friends of the residents

• 24-hour CCTV surveillance of all movements within the premises

• The surveillance data and video footage is ideally stored for months, to facilitate retrospective investigations if required

• Panic buttons are installed in all common areas

• A hi-tech tag based access control system that provides access to certain areas of the gated community to only a selected few

• Burglar alarms installed in every residential unit

• Automated street lights ensure that there is enough light to illuminate the common areas, particular at night

To invest in an independent house for sale in Ghaziabad that is a part of a township project and has enhanced security features, interested home buyers can easily explore the websites of renowned real-estate companies operating in the city. 

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