Wave City – A City for the Smart Generation - Wave City

Wave City – A City for the Smart Generation

Wave City – A City for the Smart Generation

Located on NH-24, Wave City is a Hi-tech city, the first-of-its-kind in the entire northern region of India. This real estate project presents an interesting mix of commercial and residential establishments that range from high-rise apartments, villas, independent floors, affordable housing units to shops and office spaces.

Bringing forth the concept of a hi-tech city, Wave City personifies a city that is people-friendly and can “think” for them. Covering a vast expanse of land, Wave City is among the biggest, self-sufficient integrated township built on the concept of a “hi-tech” city.

What makes Wave City NH24 so popular?

Unlike standard residential real estate projects, Wave City is devoted towards providing residents with an automated, environment-friendly and safe atmosphere for living. Wave City has been master planned and designed by AECOM, the world famous multinational engineering firm that offers design, construction, consulting and management services to clients all over the world.

This Hi-tech city brings into use leading-edge technologies that not only augment the quality of life of the residents but also ensures their well-being and minimizes cost through sensible use of resources on a big scale.

To be specific, mentioned below are a few unique features of Wave City on NH24 that make it such a favorable residential destination: –

Water Management

The water supply systems in this project have been developed in a manner that helps ensure judicious supply of water all over the city. There are water supply meters in place that permit people to pay bills as per use. Residents can self-recharge these meters through a mobile application. There are facilities for preventing meter theft, detecting leakages and assessing the quality of water online as well.

Smart Electric Grid

Wave City also has a metered electric supply. The consumption of electricity can be observed over the web, and residents too can track their electricity consumptions online using a mobile application. That’s not all. Residents can also utilize the application to cut off supply to their homes, in the event of absence due to travel or anything else.

There are automatic substations too for attending to electric faults on an urgent basis and prevent blackouts or dark zones.

Solid Waste Management

Another thing that is very well-handled in Wave City is waste disposal. The city has waste converters for bringing down CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. Proper waste management, besides keeping the environment green, clean and healthy, also produces manure to be used for horticulture. This also keeps pollutants from being released out in the open.

Traffic and Transportation Management

Traffic or congestion on road is an issue all across the world, but not in Wave’s smart city. Here you find intelligent traffic management that help save precious time which you can utilize doing something better. There are smart signals to guide movement based upon real-time situations. Residents can receive real time traffic updates on their phones, while all vehicles entering or leaving the premises are supervised through GPS tracking systems.

Homeland Security Management

The safety and security of all the residents and their possessions is taken very seriously in Wave City. The entrances to the city are all locked and well-guarded by a team of professional security guards. High resolution cameras are utilized for round-the-clock surveillance and all incoming and outgoing people/vehicles are monitored.

All in all, Wave’s Hi-tech city has all that’s need for a comfortable yet smart way of life. It is because of reasons such as these that 1 or 2BHK flats for sale in Wave City are always in demand.

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