Wave City - A Hi-Tech City to Plan Your Living - Wave City

Wave City – A Hi-Tech City to Plan Your Living

Wave City – A Hi-Tech City to Plan Your Living

In the age of smartphones, smart TVs, smart cars, and smart kids (!) why shouldn’t one have a smart and Hi-tech home in a Hi-Tech? No matter what the happenings in the world outside are, you can be safely ensconced in your dream home in a dream city, right here in Delhi-NCR. If you could have a standard of living that is comparable to the best in the west, right in your country, why would you even want to look outside for comfort? But where is this kind of a place, you would ask? Where is this Hi-Tech City in India that makes residential communities come together to experience a Hi-Tech living?

The answer is Wave City at NH24 Ghaziabad! This is one city that has all the features that you would look for in your dream destination to settle down. Even for investment purposes, this is the perfect place to park your money, as you can be sure that it will result in a massive return of investments as the years go by.

Usually, when people look for a place to settle down, they have a checklist with several boxes in it! There are very few residential projects that tick all the boxes. What are the usual features that people look for in the place they want to settle down in?

• Location-this is very important. If it is a prime location at affordable prices, all the better!
• Proximity to workplaces, so there is less time spent on commuting to work and more time to spend with the family or relaxing
• Proximity to the best educational institutions
• Proximity to world-class healthcare establishments
• A robust and strong building background
• Green areas, parks, and fresh air
• Abundant water supply
• Round the clock electricity and internet access
• Safety and security
• A warm community

Wave City Ghaziabad ticks all these boxes and how! Here are the details:

Situated on NH-24, in Ghaziabad, this Hi-Tech City is located just 15 minutes from Noida, 30 minutes from Delhi, is adjacent to the proposed Eastern Peripheral Expressway, and just 10 minutes away from the proposed metro station!

Everything you need is within arm’s reach:
From playschools to professional colleges, healthcare, religious places (ISKCON temple being inside), or entertainment with malls and restaurants, everything is within reach!

With more than 750 acres of green spaces, Wave City is home to abundant green meadows, walkways, water channels, so no matter what is the age of people in your family, there will be an oasis of nature waiting for them.

Hi-Tech City:
Wave City is smart in the most Hi-Tech way. From a smooth BRT network to smart meters, a central command centre for security to fibre optic connectivity, a weather substation and water management and recycling, you will not only be living in a Hi-Tech City, but in a green city as well!

Make a smart choice today and reach us with your queries.

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