Wave City Plots- A Perfect Destination to Plan Your Home - Wave City

Wave City Plots- A Perfect Destination to Plan Your Home

Wave City Plots- A Perfect Destination to Plan Your Home

Plots have always been a traditional preference of Indian home seekers. In the times when India faces a huge housing shortage and the government is formulating new reformative real estate policies, the dream of constructing one’s home on a piece of plot gives both affordability and freedom. So, as a time-tested option, the plot remains relevant even in times when real estate is recovering after a pandemic lull, housing shortage, and real estate upcoming boom.

The recent Niti Aayog report reveals that India faces a housing shortage of 25 million and housing remains one of the top priorities among the government schemes. In alignment with the government vision, the real estate players of India have decked up for major reforms and growth post-pandemic era. The Indian real estate sector is estimated to touch $650 billion by 2040 from the present $120 billion to meet this ever-growing housing need. House hunters are exploring multiple housing options like ready-to-move-in apartments, under-construction homes, and plots.

Plots have a reason to resurface in the investors mind due to an economically tough post-pandemic stage. The incomes have dipped considerably, savings have been exhausted, major businesses have tanked, with massive job cuts around, turbulent economical state, burdening rents, and shelter remaining the basic human need, plots looks the safest bet to invest your hard-earned money.

Experts suggest these reasons to head for a plot investment without a second thought-

Freedom to Craft the Dream Home – A barren plot is a blank canvas to plot your dream home. It offers both space and freedom to redefine the imagination of a home. You can be your own Engineer, Architect, and Interior Designer for carving and envisioning the most aesthetic living space that matches your lifestyle and personality. Every wall and brick depicts the signature of the homeowner and gives it a unique identity.

Maintenance Free – An under-constructed or ready-to-move-in homes always come with monthly, yearly or decadal maintenance which depreciates the value of property over time. A plot, on the other hand, is wear and tear-free asset. It is smooth and easy to maintain as a property. Even when you are planning to construct your home on a plot after a decade, you need not worry much about its maintenance investment.

Investment Friendly – As far as investment is concerned, a plot is the most investment-friendly option. It gives you a much higher RoI as compared to other real estate assets like ready-to-move housing or under-construction housing. It is a time-tested fact that a plot appreciates much higher than any other real estate asset.  Investing at the right time and place can garner some handsome returns over time. If you are a beginner in the real estate investment journey and looking for a safe investment to begin with, then plots investments are the best. You can own a plot in just a few lakhs as well. The property tax for a plot is also much lesser than a house tax. Also, a plot adds to your variable investment portfolio and builds up your confidence in your investment journey.

Paperwork and Process Formalities – The complicated and never-ending process like huge paperwork, registration formalities in case of an apartment or under construction house can be painstakingly tedious and can frustrate any home aspirant. To get out of this rut opt for a plot and grab a quick possession in an easy, and smooth way.

Easily Transactablity – The piece of land- your plot, is a very transactable asset in terms of selling and buying. This tangible asset has much lesser paperwork and legal issues involved in selling and buying. So, from a smooth trade-off angle, the plot is the best option to go for.

If your plot is located in such a strategical location with a credible real estate player, then it can be your most profitable possession. Wave City, Ghaziabad is one such prime landmark that fulfills all these above criteria and is touted as one of the upcoming destinations for plot investors.

Sprawling in the lush green spaces along NH-24, the plots are housed in a smart city of Wave City, Ghaziabad. Available in the sizes of 135 sq. yard, 194 sq. yard, 287 sq. yard, and 404 sq. yard sizes, these plots are located well within a gated society with round-the-clock security. The plots are not just affordable but are also equipped with the most modern amenities in a plot, like 24-hour power backup, lush- green spaces flanked by wide spacious, and well-managed roads for commutation.

Plotted on the idea of green and sustainable living, Wave City plots are the synonym of organized and planned living. Wave City is India’s first Pre Certified Platinum Rated Green Township spread in 4500-acre green space and promotes green living. As a part of a smart city, Wave City boast has its own weather substation, waste management, water management, and intelligent traffic management system to make your life orderly and well managed.

So, plan and plot your next residence destination in Wave City, Ghaziabad plots to live a life beyond extraordinary, bestowed with various world-class amenities.

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