Before Painting Your Walls, Know How Colours Affect the Mood

How do you decide on the colour of your home’s walls? If you are the type of person who has a favourite colour and just wants to do what you like, then there should be no confusion. And, if you are the kind of person who has absolutely no idea about the colour of your walls, then this article would be helpful for you. If you have already decided which colour to use, did you know that each colour has a specific meaning and impact on you energetically, spiritually, and mentally?

You may not like every other colour; it may not please your eye, that’s why it makes sense to choose the colours wisely. Also, spend some time to understand what each colour means and signifies. So here are a few of the colours with their shade’s meaning and what impact they can have on you:

1. Yellow:
This is a vibrant colour that instantly puts one in a good mood. It is an energetic colour that also injects energy in others. So, use yellow in areas of the house where you want more activity (such as the living room, sports room, recreation room, etc.), and make sure you balance it out with more serene colours.

2. Green:
Think of green, and you instantly think of the outdoors! It reminds one of spring, new growth, fresh flowers and green grass. It often represents health, wealth, security and stability. It is a versatile colour that will mix well with other colours. Use it in places like the lounge area, bedrooms, kitchen, etc.

3. Red:
Nothing screams passion, love, and excitement as much as red! It is a great colour to have in different places in the house, on a standout wall, which will also give an impression of sophistication and royalty. It instantly attracts attention and so is great to have in the reception area of a house or apartment. Red also increases metabolism. Hence you can use it in the kitchen or dining area.

4. Pink:
Pink is a subtler, softer version of red and evokes an atmosphere of femininity, compassion, and gentleness. It is also a nurturing and calming colour. It would look great in bedrooms of young girls or teenagers, who may more often be into the colour pink anyway!

5. Blue:
Blue has several shades, all of which have interesting to know effects on the atmosphere of a home. It is a calm colour, and one that reminds one of starry nights or serene oceans, so would look great in bedrooms. Blue can affect the appetite, so avoid painting the walls of your kitchen or dining room blue.

6. White:
White has always stood for purity and cleanliness. It can be used in almost any room and can be the colour of choice for those who still can’t make up their minds! Many homes nowadays are purely painted with white, which signifies stability and tranquillity.

Knowing about the colours will take you out of confusion of choice and your home will become vibrant and beautiful!

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