Create Your Terrace Garden and Live an Organic Life

With increasing urbanisation and reduced open spaces, having sprawling gardens around the home is a dream that is tough and expensive to fulfil. If you are someone who loves to be surrounded by plants but reside in a high-rise building, this article will help you create a lovely terrace garden that will enliven and freshen up your life.

Pre-requisites for a Terrace Garden
If you are planning to develop a small but beautiful terrace garden, you need to indulge in creative planning. You have to consider the space available for the garden and check how many planters or pots can be accommodated. You also need to select plants carefully. Once these two steps have been completed, you have to prepare the ground or the pots for planting.

A Focused Approach
When planning a terrace garden, it is important to have a focused approach. Besides paying attention to an innovative garden layout, you need to give due consideration to site conditions. Depending on climatic and weather conditions, soil type and appropriate plants can be chosen for planting. A proper planting scheme and layout need to be determined. The design chosen must be such that it allows sufficient space for the plants to grow. It is better to go for all season plants like ferns, crotons, money plant and such. These plants are low maintenance and can flourish well even in cramped space.

Stunning Presentation
While planting the plants, you can either plant them according to their height, in ascending or descending order, or as per their colours. This way, you can create stunning views through your lovely garden that you would love to enjoy and admire while sitting in your living room. You can extend your gardens to open spaces like decks, patios, etc., besides terrace. You can also create a lovely rockery in the corner as it will offer an added beauty to space.

Careful Selection of Plants
Homeowners, particularly apartment dwellers look for plants that do not require much maintenance and can continue to flourish. Also, there is no dearth of plants that perfectly fits the bill. Thus, with minimum effort and time, you can have a beautiful garden.

Optimal Utilisation of Space
Since terraces and balconies in apartments have very limited space, you can also consider hanging planters as it saves space and looks lovely with dangling creepers. You can plant flowering or non-flowering plants in them.

Adding Fertilizers
Even if you have a small terrace garden, you have to make sure that your plants are getting proper nutrients and care. You can buy a pack of fertilisers and serve it to the plants from time to time. It is important to ensure regular mulching of the plants so that they grow well.

Seek the help of an expert in the field and follow his/her tips to design a beautiful terrace garden that helps you to live your dream of having verdant space around.

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