Choosing your co-residents in a society: is that so simple?

  “A bad neighbor is a misfortune, as much as a good one is a great blessing.” Hesiod

Can we choose people to live with in a society, while choosing the best possible apartment for ourselves? No, it’s not a weird idea. It is actually possible and we will tell you how.

Deciding on the best possible apartment to buy is a daunting task indeed as you need to ponder over a lot of things – cost, location, surroundings, co-residents, security and what not! But ever wondered how it would feel like, if you can get to decide on the co-residents whom you will be living with, for your entire tenure in the building or the society? Without any doubt, a lot of your worries would disappear then. This ‘facility’ is provided only when you opt for an independent floor.

What is an independent floor?

An independent floor apartment refers to a residential unit in an independent low-rise building that houses a few other apartments. 

The resident family may have the entire floor to its disposal. This can provide greater privacy for the family. You can have these facilities in a villa or an independent bungalow as well, but you need to pay a much higher amount as compared to that of independent floors.

Make your own choice – who do you want to live with?

An evolving concept is going around among buyers of independent floors. Here, floors in a building are bought among close friends, relatives and family members and thus, they have the luxury of actually choosing the co-occupants of the building on their own.

This is absolutely impossible in any other type of projects. With like-minded people getting in together and purchasing all the floors in the building- you can form a separate community of your choice altogether. You can even tie-up and negotiate with independent landowners or builders beforehand (at the conceptual or pre-development stage of the project) so that you and your friends can have a layout of your choice as well.

1. Better security can be ensured

In such an arrangement, better security is also ensured as it will be like a close-knit campus of people with strong relationships and common interests. Also, there will be no or very little trafficking of outsiders or unknown people.

If you are able to make such a kind of arrangement in the pre-development or early-development stage, you can also decide on the security features of your choice and can add or modify them as per the requirements of you and your friends/family.

2. Tussles and disputes can be avoided

As your building will be just like the place where you live with your extended family members, you are more likely to stay away from unwanted misunderstandings and disputes that are so common in societies -where different families, from different cultural or social backgrounds, share the same building or even the same floor. 

The bottom line:

Because of its unique advantage of providing better lifestyle at reduced costs, the independent floor is fast becoming a lucrative option for home buyers these days.
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