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High-Rise Buildings – Advantages & Benefits

High-Rise Buildings – Advantages & Benefits

We live in an era where high-rise buildings are directly associated with luxury and stature. Also, a home in a high-rise building comes at an economical price than an independent house, along with lower maintenance charges than of a villa or independent floor.

The High-rise or skyscraper also gives you the experience of living close to the sky with cleaner air than on the lower floors.

What is Hi-Rise Building?

Technically, from a real estate perspective any building above 75 feet is a high-rise. The law makes it mandatory for a building taller than four floors to have two lifts and a building taller than 7 floors to have a fire fighting system in place. They also need to have an earthquake resistant structure in case of a seismically active region or if the underlying soils have geotechnical risk factors such as high compressibility.

The prime advantage of living in a high-rise is that it gives you unobstructed scenic views. Along with the views, it gives you excellent natural ventilation and fresh air and is away from the street pollution. Homes on higher floors tend to have a more open and airy feel, with plenty of natural light and none of the congestion usually associated with homes in low-rise buildings. Moreover, high-rises are usually located in upscale neighborhoods that offer you more in terms of connectivity and security.

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Hi-Rise developments give a number of advantages, such as:
• More Natural Light
• Ventilation and Fresh Air
• Less Noise
• Less Congestion
• Safety & Security
• Feel of exclusive living

Also, when one opt for the higher floor than the lower floor in a High-rise building, prices and preferential location charges tend to decrease, impacting the overall cost of the flat. For example, a 1 BHK flat in Dream Homes at Wave City on a higher floor starts 15.99L whereas the same flat on ground/lower floor will have PLC charges added in the cost. Though there will not be major difference in the final prices, but different things come with different advantages.

Do you also wish to enjoy the natural and economic benefits by living in a high-rise apartment? Your dreams may come true at Dream Homes in Wave City, which are affordable 1, 2 & 3 BHK high-rise apartments in a Hi-Tech integrated township at NH-24, Ghaziabad. To know more, share your query in the comment box.

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