Wave City- Cherishing the Ecstasy of Green Living - Wave City

Wave City- Cherishing the Ecstasy of Green Living

Wave City- Cherishing the Ecstasy of Green Living

There is a growing breed of professionals and entrepreneurs today who are not satisfied with just a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. They enjoy a modern living within a tranquil landscape and think beyond just living a normal life and want to leave the earth a better place for future generations.

Eco-friendly living has taken on a new name-Green Living, and it is not just a universal concept but is very much taking root in India as well. This is where Wave City in Ghaziabad is making waves in the property market in India.

What does green living constitute?
When you commit to living a ‘green’ lifestyle, it means you are aware of the limited resources that the earth has, and you want to do everything in your power to make sure that you don’t exploit these resources while also ensuring that your needs are taken care of! Everyone knows that fossil fuels and conventional sources of fuel are non-renewable. What took millions of years for formation in the recesses of the earth is consumed within just a few decades by human beings.

So, green living is a commitment to live in ways that are aligned to taking care of earth by using renewable sources of energy or through recycling. This could mean using water, wind, and solar power as fuel sources. It could also mean rainwater harvesting, recycling of water or plastic or household waste, so that it is not mindlessly dumped on the earth, etc. Living a green lifestyle not only sets a great example for future generations, but it also ensures that they grow up revering the mother earth and its resources and doing their bit to conserve it.

How does green living benefit you?
A green lifestyle is not just good for the earth; it is also beneficial for your health and your wallet! It also helps in improving the economy of the country. So, for those who want to see their loved ones healthy and happy and live a longer life, residing in a polluted space, breathing polluted air, drinking polluted water, etc., is no longer an option. Also, green living ultimately offers more cost savings in the long run than living on fossil fuels.

How does Wave City embrace the concept of green living?
Wave City, situated on NH-24, and just less than half an hour from Delhi and Noida, and very close to the proposed Eastern Peripheral Expressway and Metro station, is the ‘World’s Largest Green Pre-certified Platinum Rated Township’. This means that it adopts and implements a host of green living initiatives such as:
• Rain water harvesting
• Water recycling
• More than 750 acres of greenery and a 37-acre central park which ensures fresh air
• Smart systems for sewage treatment
• Intelligent systems for electricity, water and gas
• Waste water treatment plants
• And many more!

So, when you move to Wave City at NH-24, you are said to be living a green life. Hence, give yourself and future generations an opportunity to know about Green-living by visiting Wave City at NH-24.

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