How Mohit & Nisha Took the Firm & Perfect Home-Buying Decision!

Buying a home is a big and bold decision and is dependent on several factors. According to the real estate experts, the three most vital elements that need to be considered while making a home- buying decision are location, price, and amenities.

Thus, when Mohit and Nisha decided to buy a home in Ghaziabad, they started looking for properties that could provide them the excellent locational advantage. To begin with, they started looking for properties that were close to schools, where their kids could get a good education. Once they earmarked the area where suitable options were available, they narrowed down their search to the options offering easy connectivity with Mohit’s office.

Armed with essential information and details, the couple set about on a research spree and decided to look at all the properties that fulfill the major criteria, that is, proximity to the kids’ school and Mohit’s office. They came across one option that matched their requirement perfectly and that was Wave City. Located on NH – 24, Wave City was one of the prominent residential and commercial projects of Ghaziabad. Besides offering the locational advantage, the apartments also matched their idea of ambience, quality and layout. Perfect for a small family, a couple with two kids, the 3 BHK option was highly desirable. They decided to find out more about the project.

To begin with, the apartment size was optimal as per their requirements. With kids growing up, needing a separate room of their own, an apartment with minimum 3 bedrooms was necessary. Next, they looked for neighbor demographics, class of life in the neighborhood, availability of public transport and shopping options. Also, the house looked aesthetically appealing that one loves living there. Moreover, the society was surrounded by parks, schools, and fast and efficient public transport facilities.

Mohit and Nisha found that most of the people take home buying decision based on the locational factor. If the kids’ school is close to the house, parents are willing to overlook some factors. Similarly, couple with no kids gives precedence to the proximity with their offices. That makes their life easier when people can save a lot of time commuting through the rush hour traffic. The time thus saved can be put to some other productive work.

Peace and safety in and around the area were also the priority of Nisha. She came to know that the society is well guarded and high-end security and safety solutions are in place at Wave City. This fact put her mind to rest and the couple was more relaxed and open to buying an apartment in this Hi-Tech City.

Ghaziabad is witnessing fast-paced developments in terms of infrastructure. It has also been in the limelight as the city has been named as future Smart City by the government of India. The entire city is gearing up for full-scale development of residents’ utilities, governance, and infrastructure. All these factors helped Mohit and Nisha take a firm and perfect decision.

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